Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One (Game)

Today’s post is coming to you considerably later than I initially planned. When Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One was released in late 2021 I started playing it immediately with every intention of reviewing it here. Obviously it is no longer 2021 and another game, a remastered and reimagined version of The Awakened came out quite recently. Whoops.

Basically I was logging a few hours of gameplay every week in the first few months it came out, only slowing down as my other life commitments took off. I actually only had a few cases left to solve when I found all my spare time having to go towards my grad school studies, so when I completed my last remaining bit of coursework late last week I set about finishing the game and pulling this video review together.

I end the video by mentioning that I expect I’ll do more of these in the future but rest assured now I have a little free time (well, until classes start up again in three weeks time) it will be devoted to finally catching up on some quality reading and blogging time!

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