Murder on the Enriqueta by Molly Thynne

Book Details Originally published in 1929 The Blurb News travels quickly and mysteriously on board ship. By the time lunch was over, the rumour began to spread that Mr. Smithโ€™s death had not been due to natural causes. The bibulous Mr Smith was no pillar of virtue. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the Enriqueta, he met … More Murder on the Enriqueta by Molly Thynne

The Case of Sir Adam Braid by Molly Thynne

The Case of Sir Adam Braid is the third Molly Thynne mystery I have read and I must confess that having enjoyed my previous two experiences I am surprised it has taken me so long to return to her. This novel was written earlier than either of those novels and is the last of her … More The Case of Sir Adam Braid by Molly Thynne

Death in the Dentist’s Chair by Molly Thynne

I had my first encounter with Molly Thynne and her amateur sleuth Dr. Constantine in the run up to Christmas with The Crime at the Noah’s Ark – a fun festive mystery where the suspects and sleuths are all snowed in together. Thynne followed that story with Death in the Dentist’s Chair which was to be the … More Death in the Dentist’s Chair by Molly Thynne

The Crime at the Noah’s Ark by Molly Thynne

My fourth selection for my week of Christmassy crimes is Molly Thynne’s The Crime at the Noah’s Ark which was republished last year by Dean Street Press. Travelling for the holidays can be a daunting prospect, particularly if the weather takes a turn for the worse.  Novelist Angus Stuart, having finally found success with a bestseller, is … More The Crime at the Noah’s Ark by Molly Thynne

Reading Challenges 2021

Last year I decided to pass on participating in any reading challenges reflecting that I wasn’t particularly active on the blog around the New Year. By the time I had picked up the pace again we were several months into the year and it felt like the moment had passed. I can’t promise that I … More Reading Challenges 2021

Reprint of the Year: My Second Pick

Last week I shared my first nomination for this year’s Reprint of the Year award, Mystery on Southampton Water, suggesting that it was a strong example of how reprints can make unaffordable classic crime novels accessible once again. My second nomination is representative of the other reason I think reprints are so important – they … More Reprint of the Year: My Second Pick

My TBR Pile

One problem that has hit me recently is that my crime fiction collection has become unwieldy enough that I have forgotten some of the books I have waiting for me on my TBR pile. This has led to duplications and me missing out on a rare book I thought I already owned. The best solution … More My TBR Pile

Dean Street Press

Dean Street Press reprints Golden Age crime fiction, bringing out an author’s entire output in print and ebook editions. Some of the authors published are E. R. Punshon, Moray Dalton, Molly Thynne and Brian Flynn. So far I have only dipped into a few of the titles in their vast output though I own a … More Dean Street Press

Publishers & Imprints

I am currently in the process of creating pages where I will collect reviews sorted by some publishers whose output I frequently review. This is a work in progress. Akashic Noir Akashic publish collections of noir fiction, each focused on an individual city. Browse my reviews here American Mystery Classics Penzler Publishers reprint classic mystery … More Publishers & Imprints