My name is Aidan and I have been a fan of mystery stories since my early childhood when I discovered The Three Investigators, The Secret Seven and The Five Find-Outers series in my local library. That interest grew considerably in my adult years and in 2017 I started this blog as a place to share my thoughts about the books I have been reading.

Before starting the blog my interest was primarily in historical mysteries such as the Akitada mysteries set in feudal Japan by I. J. Parker but since then my tastes have widened significantly. These days I can often be found loudly extolling the virtues of the inverted mystery and I have found myself developing passions for Golden Age detective fiction and impossible crime tales. I remain game for pretty much any type of crime read though and I like to try to push myself out of my reading comfort zone.

In May 2018 I passed 100 reviews on the blog – a milestone I am very proud of – and discovered some great reads in the process. Some of the highlights for me were my review of a nineteenth century Italian inverted crime story, The Priest’s Hat, and the absolutely amazing (and far better-known) A Kiss Before Dying. I have no plans to stop any time soon.

Beyond the blog, I do want to take a moment to give some credit to my parents who played a large part in encouraging my interest in crime and mystery fiction and who have been very encouraging with regards this blog project. Both are avid mystery readers and while our tastes can differ a little, each taught me the value of reading. My mother was responsible for suggesting I try those series I mentioned earlier while my father is a published crime fiction author who was shortlisted three times for the CWA Debut Dagger Award (once being highly commended).

Dad’s Slonský series set in the post-Communist Czech Republic will soon be reprinted by Sapere Books while his Dutch historical Master Mercurius mysteries will be making their debut in 2018. You’ll never find them reviewed on the blog – it wouldn’t be fair – but I may occasionally make mention of them.

If you want to get in touch with me please feel free to do so either in the comments or through the Contact Me form. I’d love to hear from you!