Discussing The Black Spectacles by John Dickson Carr

I read The Black Spectacles very shortly after starting this blog. Indeed, I’m pretty sure it was the first book I read specifically for this blog (my very first few posts were written about books I had already read), when I reviewed it as The Problem of the Green Capsule.

As many of you know, and have been excited about, it has recently been reprinted as part of the British Library Crime Classics range, and when I reread it, I knew I wanted to revisit it here somehow. I decided though that I didn’t want to just write a new blog post – instead I’d add a second entry to my series of video posts discussing vintage crime novels (the first being about my favorite crime novel, A Kiss Before Dying).

Slight spoiler alert: I still loved it. Thoughts follow – feel free to share your own feelings about the book below!

Discussing… Ira Levin’s A Kiss Before Dying

It has been another slow week reading. I have a stack of books I have started but can’t seem to muster the will to finish – always frustrating!

To get over the rut I decided to take a break and instead revisit a favorite work, Ira Levin’s classic debut novel A Kiss Before Dying.

I previously reviewed the book on the blog. Since writing that post I have seen the 1955 film adaptation and so a part of the video discusses what I think of that adaptation and why I believe you should read the book first.

What do you think of A Kiss Before Dying?