Locked Room International

Locked Room International is a small press that has done a fantastic job of producing English translations of locked room and impossible crime mysteries from around the world.

My first experience reading a LRI publication predates this blog – that was the fantastic The Decagon House Murders which I would heartily recommend. I would recommend many of the titles below but my current favorites would be Paul Halter’s The Seventh Hypothesis or The Invisible Circle and Takemaru Abiko’s The 8 Mansion Murders, all of which I loved.

Publications are listed in order in which I reviewed them with the oldest review first.

The Moai Island Puzzle
Alice Arisugawa

Death Invites You
Paul Halter

Hard Cheese
Ulf Durling

The Ginza Ghost
Keikichi Osaka

The Madman’s Room
Paul Halter

The Demon of Dartmoor
Paul Halter

The Phantom Passage
Paul Halter

Come to Paddington Fair
Derek Smith

The 8 Mansion Murders
Takemaru Abiko

Death in the House of Rain
Szu-Yen Lin

The Seventh Hypothesis
Paul Halter

The Double Alibi
Noël Vindry

The Man Who Loved Clouds
Paul Halter

The Invisible Circle
Paul Halter

The Tiger’s Head
Paul Halter

Death out of Nowhere
Alexis Gensoul & Charles Grenier

The Lord of Misrule
Paul Halter

Lending the Key to the Locked Room
Tokuya Higashigawa

The Red Locked Room
Tetsuya Ayukawa

The Forbidden House
Michel Herbert and Eugène Wyl

The Howling Beast
Noël Vindry

Whistle Up the Devil
Derek Smith