Pushkin Vertigo

The Pushkin Vertigo crime imprint from Pushkin Press reprints international crime fiction in translation, primarily from authors who were active between 1920 and 1970.

I have written before about how much I love these books aesthetically, particularly since they switched to using a new cover template. Many of the books fit into the noir tradition of mystery fiction. While I haven’t read widely in the range yet I can recommend several of the stories – particularly Togawa’s The Master Key and Dard’s The Gravediggers’ Bread, a novel I nominated for reprint of the year in 2018.

The Master Key
Masako Togawa

The Murdered Banker
Augusto de Angelis

The Gravediggers’ Bread
Frédéric Dard

The Lady Killer
Masako Togawa

Death Going Down
María Angélica Bosco

The King of Fools
Frédéric Dard

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
Soji Shimada

Murder in the Crooked House
Soji Shimada

Frédéric Dard

The Executioner Weeps
Frédéric Dard

The Honjin Murders
Seishi Yokomizo

I Was Jack Mortimer
Alexander Lernet-Holenia