The Detection Club Project

A few months ago I read and wrote about Martin Edwards’ The Golden Age of Murder. It’s a fantastic look at the creation of the Detection Club and the contribution its members made to developing the detective fiction genre. It’s full of fascinating details about those writers, many of whose work I already knew and loved but in reading I realized that there were many that were unknown to me. And that was something I knew I wanted to rectify…

So I decided to set myself a challenge. I would read at least one work by each member of the Detection Club – at least those active in that Golden Age. To give myself a bit of a structure to work with, I would tackle them by their year of intake so Margery Allingham (1934) would have to be read before Newton Gayle (1937).

This page is designed to be an index of those posts and I’ll be keeping it up to date with my progress as I go. I have a long way to go but I am looking forward to trying a lot of new-to-me authors and sharing my thoughts as I go.


G. K. Chesterton
1. The Innocence of Father Brown (1911)

H. C. Bailey

E. C. Bentley

Anthony Berkeley
3. Jumping Jenny (1933)

Dame Agatha Christie

G. D. H. Cole

M. Cole
7. The Murder at Crome House (1927)

J. J. Connington

Freeman Wills Crofts
4. Crime at Guildford (1935)

Clemence Dane
5. Enter Sir John (1928)

Robert Eustace
10. The Documents in the Case (1930)

R. Austin Freeman
9. The Mystery of 31 New Inn (1912)

Lord Gorell
2. The Devouring Fire (1928)

Edgar Jepson

Ianthe Jerrold

Milward Kennedy

Ronald A. Knox

A. E. W. Mason

A. A. Milne

Arthur Morrison

Baroness Orczy

Mrs. Victor Rickard

John Rhode
11. The Claverton Affair (1933)

Dorothy L. Sayers

Henry Wade

Victor L. Whitechurch
12. Murder at the Pageant (1930)

Helen Simpson
8. The Prime Minister is Dead/Vantage Striker (1931)

Hugh Walpole
13. The Killer and the Slain (1942)