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Though this blog was initially intended to only discuss mystery novels, I have found myself occasionally sharing thoughts on mystery television and films.

This page is intended to collect and organize that content to make it easier to find. In some cases I have created video content discussing a work – in those instances you will see that indicated in the link.

Busted! (TV)
범인은 바로 너 (Korean)
Variety TV show with a mystery theme.
Read my review here (Seasons one and two)

Colonel March of Scotland Yard (TV)
British television series starring Boris Karloff based on short stories by John Dickson Carr.
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Columbo (TV)
Long-running detective television show starring Peter Falk. The twist was that the viewer knew the killer from the start making this one of the best-known examples of the inverted mystery structure.
TV Movie – Prescription: Murder, TV Pilot – Ransom for a Dead Man
S01E01: Murder by the Book, S01E02: Death Lends a Hand, S01E03: Dead Weight, S01E04: Suitable for Framing, S01E05: Lady in Waiting, S01E06: Short Fuse, S01E07: Blueprint for Murder
S02E01 Étude in Black, S02E02: Greenhouse Jungle, S02E03: The Most Crucial Game, S02E04: Dagger of the Mind, S02E05: Requiem for a Falling Star, S02E06: A Stitch in Crime, S02E07: The Most Dangerous Match, S02E08: Double Shock

Confession of Murder (Movie)
내가 살인범이다 (Korean)
Thriller in which a man confesses to a series of murders after the statute of limitations expires in a best-selling book.
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Death in Paradise (TV)
British mystery series set on a fictional Caribbean island with strong comedy elements and a focus on impossible crimes.
Series One
Series Two
Series Three
Series Four

Devil in a Blue Dress (Movie)
Film adaptation of the first Easy Rawlins novel by Walter Mosley.
Devil in a Blue Dress

How to Steal a Million (Movie)
Romantic heist film starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole.
Why I Love How to Steal a Million (Video)

The InBESTigators (TV)
A children’s TV show about a group of children who form a detective agency at school.
My thoughts

Jonathan Creek (TV)
A much-loved impossible crimes television series starring Alan Davies as an illusionist’s assistant.
S01E01: The Wrestler’s Tomb, S01E02: Jack in the Box, S01E03: The Reconstituted Corpse, S01E04: No Trace of Tracy, S01E05: The House of Monkeys
S02E01: Danse Macabre, S02E02: Time Waits for Norman, S02E03: The Scented Room, S02E04&05: The Problems at Gallows Gate

Luther (TV)
A mystery series starring Idris Elba that is told using an inverted crime structure.
Series One

Murder on the Orient Express (Movie)
Adaptation of the classic Poirot adventure starring Kenneth Branagh and an all-star cast.
Reflections on viewing the film here

My Fellow Citizens! (TV)
국민 여러분! (Korean)
Heist television show with romantic comedy elements broadcast in 2019.
Read the review here

Sergeant Cribb (TV)
Adaptations of Peter Lovesey’s historical mystery stories set in Victorian England.
Wobble to Death

Sherlock Holmes 1965-1968 (TV)
Adaptations of the Conan Doyle stories starring Peter Cushing.
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Sherlock Holmes 1984-1994 (TV)
Faithful British television adaptations starring Jeremy Brett.
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Sherlock Hound (TV)
Italian-Japanese animation with anthropomorphized dogs and science fantasy elements from the 1980s very loosely inspired by the Conan Doyle stories.
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

The Third Man (Movie)
Film noir thriller starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli and Orson Welles.
Why I love The Third Man (Video)