My TBR Pile

One problem that has hit me recently is that my crime fiction collection has become unwieldy enough that I have forgotten some of the books I have waiting for me on my TBR pile. This has led to duplications and me missing out on a rare book I thought I already owned. The best solution I could come up with was a public list of books in and around the genre that I own but have not reviewed yet. A few titles I own but will never review (because they are by friends and family) are omitted.

Feel free to give me a shout if there’s a particular title here you would be interested in seeing me read and review.

Last Updated: 9/6/21

Ben Aaronovitch
Midnight Riot

Catherine Aird
The Stately Home Murder

Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Rashomon and Other Stories

Peter Alding
Ransom Town

Richard Aleas
Little Girl Lost

Margery Allingham
The Crime at Black Dudley
Flowers for the Judge
Hide My Eyes

Kingsley Amis
Colonel Sun

Augusto de Angelis
The Hotel of the Three Roses

Charlotte Armstrong
Night Call and Other Stories of Suspense

Margaret Armstrong
Murder in Stained Glass

George Axelrod

Tetsuya Ayukawa
The Red Locked Room

Deb Baker
Murder Passes the Buck

John Franklin Bardin
The Last of Philip Banter

Robert Barnard
A City of Strangers
Death and the Chaste Apprentice
Death and the Princess
Death in a Cold Climate
Death of a Salesperson and Other Untimely Exits
Death of an Old Goat
Fete Fatale
A Hovering of Vultures
Out of the Blackout
Political Suicide
Posthumous Papers
The Skeleton in the Grass

Vivian Barz
Forgotten Bones

Roger Bax
A Grave Case of Murder

David Beckler

George Bellairs
Death Before Breakfast
Death in Desolation
Death in Room Five
Death March for Penelope Blow
Death Stops the Frolic
Half-Mast for the Deemster
Murder Makes Mistakes
The Night They Killed Joss Varran

James R. Benn
Billy Boyle

Jenna Bennet
A Cutthroat Business

Anthony Berkeley
The Poisoned Chocolates Case
The Silk Stockings Murder

Nicholas Blake
The Dreadful Hollow
Malice in Wonderland
The Private Wound
Thou Shell of Death
The Widow’s Cruise

Lawrence G. Blochman
Wives to Burn

She Who Was No More

Anthony Boucher
The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars

Dorothy Bowers
Deed Without A Name

Daniel Boyd
Easy Death

Pamela Branch
The Lion in the Cellar

Christianna Brand
The Crooked Wreath
Death in High Heels
Tour de Force

Douglas E. Browne
Too Many Cousins

Leo Bruce
Death of a Commuter

Ken Bruen
Bust (with Jason Starr)
The Max (with Jason Starr)
Slide (with Jason Starr)

John Buchan
The Thirty-Nine Steps

John Bude
Death on the Riviera

James Lee Burke
The Neon Rain

Miles Burton
The Secret of High Eldersham

Christopher Bush
The Case of the Haven Hotel
The Plumley Inheritance

Jim Butcher
Fool Moon
Storm Front

James M. Cain
The Cocktail Waitress
Mildred Pierce

Bernard Capes
The Mystery of the Skeleton Key

Bernice Carey
The Body on the Sidewalk

Amanda Carmack
Murder at Fontainebleau

John Dickson Carr
The Blind Barber
Death Watch
The Devil in Velvet
Fire, Burn!
The Four False Weapons
Hag’s Nook
The Hollow Man
Most Secret
The Nine Wrong Answers
The Plague Court Murders

Eliza Casey
Lady Takes the Castle

Anna Castle
Murder by Misrule

Henry Cauvain
The Killing Needle

Henry Cecil
The Asking Price

Raymond Chandler
The Big Sleep

G. K. Chesterton
The Man Who Knew Too Much

Agatha Christie
And Then There Were None
Crooked House
Death on the Nile
Five Little Pigs
The Secret Adversary

Max Allan Collins
Deadly Beloved
Two for the Money

J. J. Connington
The Two Tickets Puzzle

Hugh Conway
Dark Days (Christmas Annual)

S. A. Cosby
Blacktop Wasteland

Joan Cowdry
Murder of Lydia

Alisa Craig
A Pint of Murder

Edmund Crispin
Buried for Pleasure
Frequent Hearses
The Glimpse of the Moon
Holy Disorders
The Long Divorce
The Moving Toyshop
Swan Song

Freeman Wills Crofts
Anything to Declare?
The Crime at Guildford
The Hog’s Back Mystery
The Loss of the Jane Vosper
Sir John Magill’s Last Journey
Sudden Death

James Crumley
The Last Good Kiss

Moray Dalton
The Belfry Murder
The Belgrave Manor Crime
The Body in the Road
The Case of Alan Copeland
Death in the Cup
The Night of Fear
One by One They Disappeared
The Strange Case of Harriet Hall

Elizabeth Daly
Arrow Pointing Nowhere
And Dangerous to Know
Death and Letters
Evidence of Things Seen
The House WIthout The Door
Night Walk
Somewhere in the House
The Wrong Way Down

Frederic Dard
Bird in a Cage
The Executioner Weeps

Hilary Davidson
One Small Sacrifice

Lindsey Davis
Venus in Copper

Jane Dentinger
Murder on Cue

D. M. Devine
My Brother’s Killer

Carter Dickson
Nine and Death Makes Ten
She Died A Lady

Garry Disher
The Dragon Man

Paul Doherty
The Mask of Ra
The Nightingale Gallery
Satan in St. Mary’s

Rose Donovan
The Mystery of Ruby’s Sugar

Arthur Conan Doyle
(The whole Holmes canon)

Maurice Drake
The Mystery of the Mud Flats

Lord Dunsany
Two Bottles of Relish

M. G. Eberhart
Enemy in the House
Murder by an Aristocrat

Rampo Edogawa
Gold Mask

Martin Edwards
The Coffin Trail

Kim Ekemar
The Murders on Three Bridges

Stanley Ellin

James Ellroy
L.A. Confidential

J. Jefferson Farjeon
No. 17
Thirteen Guests
The Z Murders

Christa Faust
Choke Hold

John Russell Fearn
Pattern of Murder

Rudolph Fisher
The Conjure-Man Dies: A Harlem Mystery

Ian Fleming
Casino Royale
Diamonds are Forever
Dr No
For Your Eyes Only
From Russia With Love
Live and Let Die
The Man WIth the Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
You Only Live Twice

Brian Flynn
The Billiard Room Mystery
The Case of the Black Twenty-Two
The Case of the Purple Calf
The Creeping Jenny Mystery
The Edge of Terror
Fear and Trembling
The Five Red Fingers
The Fortescue Candle
The Horn
Invisible Death
The League of Matthias
Murder en Route
The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye
The Orange Axe
The Padded Door
The Spiked Lion
The Sussex Cuckoo
The Triple Bite

Robin Forsythe
Murder on Paradise Island
The Pleasure Cruise Mystery

Karin Fossum
When the Devil Holds the Candle

Nev Fountain
The Axeman Cometh (Drama)
Cursed Among Sequels
DVD Extras Include: Murder
Geek Tragedy

Christopher Fowler
Full Dark House

William Francis
I. O. U. Murder

Nicholas Freeling
Lady Macbeth

Dianne Freeman
A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder

R. Austin Freeman
The Adventures of Romney Pringle
John Thorndyke’s Cases
The Mystery of 31 New Inn

Frank Froest
The Crime Club
The Rogues’ Syndicate

Erle Stanley Gardner
The Count of 9
Shills Can’t Cash Chips

Andrew Garve
The Late Bill Smith
No Tears for Hilda

Michael Genelin
Dark Dreams

Anthony Gilbert
Death in Fancy Dress

Michael Gilbert
The Danger Within
Death Has Deep Roots
Death in Captivity
Smallbone Deceased

Frank Goldammer
The Air Raid Killer

David Goodis
The Wounded and the Slan

C. W. Grafton
The Rat Began To Gnaw The Rope

Kelsey Grammer
Bitter Brew

Anna K. Green
The Affair Next Door

Graham Greene
Brighton Rock
The Ministry of Fear
Our Man in Havana
The Third Man

Kerry Greenwood
Blood and Circuses
Flying Too High

John Grisham
The Reckoning

Rachel Howzell Hall
These Toxic Things

Paul Halter
The Crimson Fog
The Fourth Door
The Gold Watch
The Night of the Wolf
Penelope’s Web
The Picture from the Past
The Seven Wonders of Crime

Barbara Hambly
A Free Man of Color

Henrietta Hamilton
Answer in the Negative

Dashiel Hammett
The Maltese Falcon

Zhou Haohui
Death Notice

Cyril Hare
Suicide Excepted

William Harrington
Columbo: The Grassy Knoll

Mette Ivie Harrison
The Bishop’s Wife

Frances Noyes Hart
The Bellamy Trial

Macdonald Hastings
Cork in the Doghouse

Mavis Doriel Hay
The Santa Klaus Murder

Annie Haynes
The Crime at Tattenham Corner
The House in Charlton Crescent
The Man with the Dark Beard
Who Killed Charmian Karslake?

Mark Hebden
Death Set to Music

Peter J. Heck
Death on the Mississippi

Keigo Higashino
Salvation of a Saint

Patricia Highsmith
The Talented Mr. Ripley
This Sweet Sickness

Russell Hill
Robbie’s Wife

Tony Hillerman
Dance Hall of the Dead

James Hilton
Was it Murder?

Keiichiro Hirano
A Man

Chester Himes
The Real Cool Killers

Dolores Hitchens
Sleep with Slander
Sleep with Strangers

Edward D. Hoch
More Things Impossible
The Sherlock Holmes Stories of Edward D. Hoch

James Hogg
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Blotted Out
Echo of a Careless Voice
The Girl Who Had To Die
The Thing Beyond Reason
Who’s Afraid?

Roy Horniman
Kind Hearts and Coronets: Israel Rank

Vechel Howard
Murder on Her Mind

Dorothy B. Hughes
The Expendable Man
In A Lonely Place

Richard Hull
Keep It Quiet

Michael Innes
Carson’s Conspiracy
Going It Alone

Robert Innes

D. E. Ireland
Wouldn’t It Be Deadly?

Polly Ivey

Claude Izner
Murder on the Eiffel Tower

Charlotte Jay
The Fugitive Eye

Martin Jensen
A Man’s Word

Edgar Jepson
The Loudwater Mystery

Ianthe Jerrold
Let Him Lie
The Studio Crime

Doug Johnstone
A Dark Matter

Stephen Mack Jones
August Snow

Carolyn Keene
Secrets Can Kill

Mary Kelly
The Christmas Egg
Due to a Death

Harry Kemelman
Friday the Rabbi Slept Late

Baynard H. Kendrick
Blood on Lake Louisa

Vaseem Khan
Bad Day at the Vulture Club
Murder at Malabar House

Un-Su Kim
The Plotters

Sherwood King
If I Die Before I Wake

Stephen King

Natsuo Kirino
The Real World

Helen Knowland
Madame Baltimore

Ronald Knox
The Footsteps at the Lock

Daniel Kraus
Blood Sugar

Michael Kurland
A Study in Sorcery

Hilda Lawrence
Duet of Death

Maurice LeBlanc
The Exploits of Arsene Lupin

John LeCarre
A Murder of Quality

Elmore Leonard
52 Pick-up

Peter Lerangis
The 3 Investigators: Crimebusters #9 Foul Play

Gaston Leroux
The Mystery of the Yellow Room

Ira Levin
The Boys from Brazil
The Stepford Wives

Susan Kiernan-Lewis
Murder in the South of France

Vanessa Lillie
Little Voices

Martin Limon
Jade Lady Burning

M. Louisa Locke
Maids of Misfortune

Vernon Loder
The Mystery at Stowe

E. C. R. Lorac
Bats in the Belfry
Fell Murder
Murder by Matchlight
Murder in Vienna

Peter Lovesey
The Crime of Miss Oyster Brown and Other Stories
The Last Detective
The TIck of Death

Charlotte MacLeod
The Odd Job

Philp MacDonald
The Noose

Isabella Maldonado
The Cipher

Lindsay Marcott
Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost

Ngaio Marsh
Enter a Murderer

Edward Marston
The Laughing Policeman

Ed McBain
Cut Me In

Helen McCloy
Through a Glass Darkly

Horace McCoy
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Jill McGown
Murder Motive
Murder… Now and Then
The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale
The Other Woman
A Perfect Match

Pat McIntosh
The Harper’s Quine

Nicholas Meyer
The Seven Per Cent Solution

Margaret Millar
The Devil Loves Me

A. A. Milne
The Red House Mystery

Adam Mitzner
Dead Certain

Meghan Scott Molin
The Frame-Up

Allison Montclair
The Right Sort of Man

Keith Moray
The Gathering Murders

Anne Morice
Murder in Married Life

Walter Mosley
Down the River unto the Sea

Ottessa Moshfegh

Patricia Moyes
Dead Men Don’t Ski
Season of Snows and Sins

Thomas Mullen

Max Murray
The Voice of the Corpse

Derrick Nabarro
The Rod of Anger

Anita Nair
A Cut-Like Wound

Barbara Neely
Blanche on the Lam

Helen Nielsen
Dead on the Level

Kyotaro Nishimura
The Mystery Train Disappears

James Norman
The Nightwalkers

Maureen O’Brien
Dead Innocent

Joyce Carol Oates
The Triumph of the Spider Monkey

Baroness Orczy
The Old Man in the Corner

Rodrigues Ottolengui
Final Proof

Edward Packard
Choose Your Own Adventure #9: Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?

Stuart Palmer
The Penguin Pool Murder
The Puzzle of the Silver Persian

I. J. Parker
Black Arrow

Brad Parks

Rebecca Pawel
Death of a Nationalist

Winifred Peck
The Warrielaw Jewel

Ellis Peters
The Rose Rent
Saint Peter’s Fair

Max Phillips
Fade to Blonde

Eden Phillpotts
The Grey Room

Euan B. Pollock
The Price to Pay

Oliver Potzsch
The Beggar King
The Dark Monk
The Hangman’s Daughter

E. R. Punshon
The Bath Mysteries
The Conqueror Inn
Crossword Mystery
The Dark Garden
Helen Passes By
The House of Godwinsson
Information Received
It Might Lead Anywhere
Murder Abroad
Mystery Villa
Night’s Cloak
Secrets Can’t Be Kept
Suspects Nine
There’s a Reason for Everything

Ellery Queen
Drury Lane’s Last Case

E. & M. A. Radford
Death and the Professor
Death of a Frightened Editor
Murder Isn’t Cricket

Arthur B. Reeve
The Silent Bullet

Ruth Rendell
The Best Man to Die
Means of Evil and Other Stories
No More Dying Then
To Fear a Painted Devil
Put On By Cunning
Shake Hands For Ever
The Speaker of Mandarin
Wolf to the Slaughter

John Rhode
The Robthorne Mystery

Craig Rice
The Corpse Steps Out

Luanne Rice
The Shadow Box

Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Haunted Lady
Miss Pinkerton

Theodore Roscoe
I’ll Grind Their Bones

Holly Roth
Too Many Doctors

Rosemary Rowe
The Germanic Mosaic

Laura Joh Rowland

Harriet Rutland
Bleeding Hooks
Knock, Murderer, Knock!

P. B. Ryan
Still Life with Murder

Rafael Sabatini
The Evidence of the Sword

James Sallis

George Sanders
Stranger at Home

Dorothy L. Sayers
Busman’s Honeymoon
Gaudy Night
Hangman’s Holiday
Have His Carcase
In the Teeth of the Evidence
Murder Must Advertise
The Nine Tailors
Striding Folly
Strong Poison

David J. Schow
Gun Work

Victoria Selman
Blood for Blood

Ritu Sethi
His Hand in the Storm

Dell Shannon
Case Pending

Robert Silverberg
Blood on the Mink

Georges Simenon
The Carter of ‘La Providence’
The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By

Henry Slesar
Enter Murderers

Derek Howe Smith
Model for Murder

Shelley Smith
This Is Our House

Mickey Spillane
Dead Street

Christopher St. John Sprigg
Death of an Airman
Pass the Body

Dana Stabenow
A Cold Day for Murder
Fire and Ice

Domenic Stansberry
The Confession

Jason Starr
Bust (with Ken Bruen)
Fake I.D.
The Max (with Ken Bruen)
Slide (with Ken Bruen)

Daniel Stashower
The Dime Museum Mystery
The Floating Lady Murder

Viveca Sten
Still Waters

Rex Stout

John Straley
The Woman Who Married A Bear

Linda Stratmann
Mr. Scarletti’s Ghost
The Royal Ghost

Arkady Strugatsky
The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn

Dylan Struzan
A Bloody Business

Peter Swanson
Eight Perfect Murders

Julian Symons
The Belting Inheritance
The Immaterial Murder Case

Akimitsu Takagi
Honeymoon to Nowhere
The Tattoo Murder Case

Karou Takamura
Lady Joker, vol. 1

Josephine Tey
A Shilling for Candles

Jim Thompson
The Alcoholics
The Criminal
Cropper’s Cabin
The Getaway
The Golden Gizmo
The Grifters
Heed the Thunder
The Kill-Off
Now and On Earth
The Rip-Off
Savage Night
South of Heaven
A Swell-Looking Babe
The Transgressors
Wild Town

Basil Thomson
Richardson’s First Case

Robert Thorogood
Death Knocks Twice
The Killing of Polly Carter

The Three Investigators (Various)
The Mystery of the Deadly Double
The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow
The Mystery of the Missing Mermaid
The Mystery of the Nervous Lion
The Secret of Shark Reef

Molly Thynne
The Draycott Murder Mystery
He Dies and Makes No Sign

Marilyn Todd
Virgin Territory

Anti Tuomainen
Palm Beach, Finland

J. V. Turner
Below the Clock

Michael Underwood
Hand of Fate

Janwillem van de Wetering
The Blond Baboon

S. S. van Dine
The Benson Murder Case
The Bishop Murder Case

Robert van Gulik
Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee
The Chinese Gold Murders
The Chinese Nail Murders

Fred Vargas
The Chalk Circle Man

The Anatomy of Murder (By Members of The Detection Club)
The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories
Bodies from the Library
Bodies from the Library II
Capital Crimes: London Mysteries
Deep Waters: Mysteries on the Waves
Murder for Revenge
Showbusiness is Murder
Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries
St. Petersburg Noir
Zagreb Noir

Irma Venter
Hard Rain

Barbara Vine
The Birthday Present

Scott von Doviak
Charlesgate Confidential

Henry Wade
Bury Him Darkly
The Duke of York’s Steps
The Dying Alderman
A Dying Fall
Gold Was Our Grave
The Hanging Captain
The High Sheriff
The Litmore Snitch
Lonely Magdalen
The Missing Partners
Mist on the Saltings
Policeman’s Lot
The Verdict of You All

J. H. Wallis
The Woman He Chose

Colin Watson
Coffin Scarely Used

Donald E. Westlake

Patricia Wentworth
Grey Mask

Donald Westlake
Brothers Keepers

Ethel Lina White
The Lady Vanishes

Fred M. White
The Cardinal Moth

Harry Whittington
Call Me Killer

Hugh Windsor
Lead Him to Death

Jacqueline Winspear
Maisie Dobbs

Ariel S. Winter
The Twenty-Year Death

Cornell Woolrich
The Bride Wore Black
Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Waltz into Darkness

Kristin Wright
The Darkest Flower

Anthony Wynne
Murder of a Lady

Hideo Yokoyama
Six Four

Ovidia Yu
The Mimosa Tree Mystery

Israel Zangwill
The Perfect Crime

Roger Zelazny
The Dead Man’s Brother

6 thoughts on “My TBR Pile

  1. Very cool.


    I would put that in bold if I weren’t lazy.

    I just reread The Chinese Nail Murders, and think you would like it. But if you already own the Crumley ….

    PS I saw N N Taleb called Dard the best french prose writer of the 20th century! My library has several Dards, all in French. Maybe after I get through my graded readers and dual language books …


  2. This makes my TBR mountain look like a mere hill. I’ve not read it but have heard interesting things about The Night of the Jabberwock so would be glad to see another take on it.


    1. Yes – I am swimming in reading matter atm. I have some time off coming up soon and hopefully I can get to Jabberwocky then as I have heard good things!


  3. Holy cow this is probably the biggest TBR pile I’ve come across, god speed solider – lol. I love crime fiction so I will have to go through this list a little more carefully and get some new books for my summer reading. Thanks so much for sharing. You definitely don’t need any more recommendations but I just finished a book that I think you and fellow crime fiction readers will really like called “West Texas Dead: A Kailey and Shinto Mystery” by author Frances Hight. This book had me hooked from start to finish. This is an “investigation gone wrong” crime fiction that really delivers on all fronts. I loved the main characters (best friends who are also partners) and the premise was so cool and interesting. I really enjoyed wondering what they would run into next as they find themselves picking through a murder case that is not what it seems! I never felt like any of it was out of the realm of possibility and the characters presented felt like they could have been pulled straight out of the real world. It is one of those books where anything is possible and you never know what will come next! A really fun and thoughtful summer read! You can read more about the book or the author here –
    Happy Summer and Happy Reading!


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