American Mystery Classics

A relatively recent imprint, the American Mystery Classics range was launched in late 2018 by Penzler Publishers.

The range reprints classic works of American mystery fiction in paperback and hardcover, each presented with a short introduction. The range has presented mystery fiction in a variety of styles ranging from impossible crimes to sensation fiction and legal mysteries.

Being still quite a new range I have only dipped into a few titles although I have quite a few on my TBR pile. As such I have no particular recommendations but I will note that I did nominate The So Blue Marble as a candidate for Reprint of the Year in 2018.

A Note: I reviewed The Dutch Shoe Mystery, The Egyptian Cross Mystery and The American Gun Mystery prior to those titles being republished in this range but I include them below as the mystery itself is obviously the same.

The So Blue Marble
Dorothy B. Hughes

Home Sweet Homicide
Craig Rice

The Dutch Shoe Mystery
Ellery Queen

The Mad Hatter Mystery
John Dickson Carr

Dread Journey
Dorothy B. Hughes

Your Turn, Mr. Moto
John P. Marquand

The Red Right Hand
Joel Townsley Rogers

Vultures in the Sky
Todd Downing

The Great Hotel Murder
Vincent Starrett

The Chocolate Cobweb
Charlotte Armstrong

Ride the Pink Horse
Dorothy B. Hughes

Death from a Top Hat
Clayton Rawson

The Siamese Twin Mystery
Ellery Queen

Odor of Violets
Baynard Kendrick

The Cape Cod Mystery
Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Deadline at Dawn
Cornell Woolrich

The American Gun Mystery
Ellery Queen

Murder on “B” Deck
Vincent Starrett

Cat’s Paw
Roger Scarlett

The Egyptian Cross Mystery
Ellery Queen