Dean Street Press

Dean Street Press reprints Golden Age crime fiction, bringing out an author’s entire output in print and ebook editions. Some of the authors published are E. R. Punshon, Moray Dalton and Molly Thynne and soon Brian Flynn will be added to that list.

So far I have only dipped into a few of the titles in their vast output though I own a large number of their books and hope to improve my coverage on this site soon.

The Art School Murders
Moray Dalton

The Bungalow Mystery
Annie Haynes

It Might Lead Anywhere
E. R. Punshon

Diabolic Candelabra
E. R. Punshon

Crime On My Hands
George Sanders

The Case of Sir Adam Braid
Molly Thynne

The Crime at the Noah’s Ark
Molly Thynne

Death in the Dentist’s Chair
Molly Thynne