Australian Crime Fiction

This page is an index of all of the works currently reviewed on the blog that are written by Australian authors.


C. A. Broadribb

Nice Day for a Murder

A family’s universally-hated Aunt Val attends a barbecue where she is found dead in one of the bedrooms.

Nice Day for a Murder is a very competent, fast-paced mystery that had no difficulty holding my attention.

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Sulari Gentill

A Few Right-Thinking Men

A historical mystery set in 1920s Australia in which the protagonist’s hedonistic uncle is found beaten to death by a group of assailants.

I think those expecting a puzzle mystery with multiple suspects and clues to consider may feel frustrated by how straightforward the solution to the murder turns out to be.

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A Decline in Prophets

Artist Rowland Sinclair takes a cruise where he witnesses a man aggressively proposition his friend Edna and comes to blow with him. The next day that man is found to dead with Rowland’s walking stick embedded in his neck.

This second installment […develops…] a more complex plot than the predecessor while keeping its historical themes simpler, requiring less explanation and context.

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Sydney Noir

An Akashic Noir collection of stories set in and around the city of Sydney.

This collection is not going to be for everyone but I think it is one of the most consistent I have read from Akashic so far.

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